Apr 26, 2023 | Ketamine IV


There are endless options for you to integrate ketamine therapy experiences you’ve had, but the most important underlying thing to do is devote consistent energy towards processing the experience in any kind of meaningful ways that support you.

Ketamine therapy experiences can be incredibly powerful. They can show us repressed parts of ourselves, help us to discover new perspectives and challenge old ones, and support us in processing difficult emotions or trauma. However, the work rarely ends when your ketamine therapy experience does – what should always come afterwards is integration. 

When we seek to integrate ketamine therapy experiences, what we’re really trying to do is twofold:

First, we should seek to make meaning from each experience, to define what the different elements of the experience mean for us and how we want to interpret their significance for us and our growth. For example … if a lot of emotion came up during the experience (such as sadness), you may want to make sure you know where that sadness came from, or to explore/define a new version of yourself that isn’t burdened with that sadness.

Second, we want to determine what action or changes – whether internal (thoughts, emotions, perspectives) or external (actions) – we want to make as a result of the experience. For example, you might take actions to change your relationship with someone who you’d previously had difficulties or conflict with or work on embodying the perspective of seeing them  (or yourself) as innocent and having been just doing their best to get by when they hurt you.

With this in mind, here are 6 ways you can integrate your ketamine therapy experience:

1. Set Intentions for How You Want to Integrate Your Ketamine Therapy Experience

It is a common practice to set intentions for a psychedelic or ketamine therapy experience, but it’s equally important to get clear on what work is left for you to do after your experience. It can be helpful to write down a specific intention for what you want to accomplish through your integration process.

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