Get Personalized Nutrition Guidance for Optimal Health and Well-Being with a Dietitian!

Jul 7, 2023 | Weight Loss

Get Personalized Nutrition Guidance for Optimal Health and Well-Being with a Dietitian!

From Atkins to paleo, juice detoxes to meat diets, you can no longer escape the recent food crazes. Everyone from your mother-in-law to your dentist is likely to provide diet advice. Although they may have good intentions, it’s best to take their opinions with a pinch of salt.

“The sensationalism and inconsistent messages around eating are overwhelming,” says Dr. Stuart Porter. “As experts in food and nutrition, dietitians have the qualifications to evaluate the evidence and help people make educated decisions.”

So what is a dietitian? 
Professional online registered dietitians comprise at least four years of college credits combined with an onsite internship and passing the national examination exams for licensure purposes.
They can assist individuals conquer a number of food-linked struggles such as:
1. Weight loss

Should you want to slim down without feeling deprived or restricted then seeking assistance from a dietician is a must!

2. Weight gain
If you’re having difficulty keeping up with maintaining your healthy body mass then a professional diet expert may be needed. Nonetheless, if you suffer from an active eating disorder then consulting specialists from an eating disorder clinic is suggested by Porter.

3. Chronic maladies
Disorders such as diabetes and heart disease have a clear connection to your diet. Making dietary changes can potentially keep those diseases from progressing or halting them in their tracks. Swapping to healthier eating habits and adding physical activity can help prevent prediabetes from turning into diabetes, for instance.

You may not always be able to cure diseases by eating certain foods. But food can go a long way in reducing symptoms. “We can educate you on how to eat based on the ailment you have so you stay healthy,” Bissell shares.

Correct nutrition is also extremely important for those managing cancer. However, treatments can make it difficult to eat or hurt when trying to consume food. “Most cancer centers have nutritionists on staff that deal with issues like these,” he remarks.

4. Allergies and food sensitivities
Dealing with problems like celiac disease or other food allergies means avoiding certain items altogether. “This can be tough for many people. We possess the tools needed to take out those problematic items and create a balanced diet you will enjoy more,” Porter mentions enthusiastically.

Sometimes knowing what has to be avoided may also present a challenge though; if one suffers from digestive issues, for example, we will assist in finding those triggers and getting digestion back on track again accordingly.

5. Athletic performance
Serious athletes understand the purpose of food helping them perform at their optimum level during competitions; “We make sure your nutrition is adapted for top performance” according to Porter’s words of wisdom.
6. Vegetarians
Balance is crucial when adopting vegetarianism or going vegan; it’s best left up to experts like Dr. Porter and the dieticians working with NuLife Medical who know the drill. If contemplating swapping out meat or an all-vegetarian style of dining they are here ready with great advice!

7. Fussy little ones
Just when you think nutrition is in the bag, then along comes a child. And suddenly they are choosing to live off just bread and crackers! “Dietitians have the capability to reconcile kids’ preferences with other eaters in the family – plus hand out strategies on how children can be more open to tasting different cuisine,” he adds.

8. Healthy nourishment for all
Maybe it feels like you have an understanding of nutrition basics and are expected to figure out healthy eating independently. Of course, this is doable. Yet if you need assistance, there is no harm in obtaining some help.

“We aren’t perfect creatures so sometimes we become exhausted or slip back into unhealthy routines,” Porter says. “A dietician could lend a hand filtering through misinformation, bring fresh ideas and offer supervision.”

What one can anticipate from a certified dietician
Some may require countless fundamental lessons in nutrition while others understand the basics but crave particular meal-planning guidance. Some might prefer continual check-ins for accountability while others need one visit to kickstart them with their new dietary habits.

However your objectives may be, dietitians take a tailored approach, Porter states. “We give advice suitable for you.”

Still unconvinced? “We don’t bite and cannot make rules concerning food!” he states further. “Many people are scared that our help will prevent them from having their beloved dishes but this isn’t true at all! We help you find a balance so that you aren’t deprived of any pleasure yet remain healthy.”